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Sending Mail Merges


from Gmail

1 Mail Merge.png


Send Personalized Mail Merges from Gmail

Hi {{name},

congrats on your promotion at {{CompanyName}}

Land in INBOX...Not SPAM!

(since emails are sent straight from Gmail


Your CRM on
Google Sheets

Always in Sync with our Extension

No time wasted importing & exporting CSVs

2 Google Sheets.png
3 Schedule emails.png


Schedule Mail Merges

to be sent at a future day and hour


Batch Emails

Send thousands of emails with 1 -click


ex. Send 50 emails, every 2 hours, these days of the week

4 Batch
3 Schedule emails.png


👑 1-click ChatGTP Help

Improve email subject and body 

with 1-click on ChatGPT button


Preview to Double check 

and send!

Preview and send.png
Image by Isaac Smith

Act Now!

Don't wait any longer..

Sell more and Grow faster with Salesforza 

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