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Send Personalized Mail Merges
from Gmail

Land in INBOX


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Build your CRM on Google Sheets

Always in Sync with our Extension

No time wasted

importing & exporting CSVs

Many more Features & Benefits...

Scheduling to Plan emails

Preview to double check 

& more...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sell more and Grow faster with Salesforza 

Does your software only work with Google Chrome Browser?

Right now our extensions are only available on Google Chrome Browser. We rather add more features to the Chrome extensions than spread our resources too thin to support more browsers for now.

Does it work with any website?

Our Chrome CRM extensions currently works best with websites that have unique URLs (weblinks), for instance articles or social media profiles can be added to a Google Sheet as unique rows.

How Can I Request a Demo?

Install and use the software on your own as we built to be simple enough that anyone can use it on their own. If you work in a larger organization and are interested in deploying Salesforza at your company please write us on our live chat

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