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Let's take a detailed look at all Salesforza Features

Feature 1 Email Campaign Management .png


Email Campaign Management

Manage who should be on your email campaign by simply checking or unchecking boxes on each pipeline on Google Sheets


List Management

Easily add more leads on your list by copy pasting on Google Sheets

Uncheck or delete row to remove a lead from a list

Feature 2 List management
Feature 3 Subscriber management.png


Subscriber Management

As we work with Google Sheets new subscribers can join email lists via automations on Zapier and similar tools.

For Example when you get a new lead via you can add that email to your Google Sheets


Behavioral Targeting

With Salesforza you can personalize emails based on behaviors your leads took on your website.

For instance you can ask leads questions on a Typeform about how many times they perform a certain action and then create and select that variable in Salesforza


Ask insightful questions and get actionable feedback!

Feature 4 Behavioral Targeting based on actions.png
Feature 5 Recommendations.png



Get recommendations on how you can improve your email subject line and body via our Chat GPT (by Open AI) integration with 1-click.


Website Analytics

Salesforza, by using Google Sheets as CRM, integrates with over 85 analytics apps via Zapier and really any automation tool.

Send website analytics to your Google Sheets so that you can target users who performed certain actions on your website.

Feature 6 Website Analytics.png
Image by Stephen Phillips -


Land in inbox not SPAM

Since your emails are sent from your Gmail / Google Account they are much more likely to successfully pass Spam filters than mass emails sent via 3rd party platforms.


Of course you still need to be careful, smart and intelligent with your email subject, text and limits.



Salesforza is the only solution that offers batching which allows you to send X amount of emails every Y hours starting from a Z date in the future only specific days of the week

Feature 8 Batching for emails sent from Gmail / Google accounts via Salesforza.png
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