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Another Great Content from Christian Krause, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

After his previous post about "Framework for a Great Cold Email", Christian Krause gave us another great content on his Cold Email Sequences: "Cold email sequences are ruining B2B sales.

They spam inboxes, annoy prospects & ruin your domain.

But there's a better way👇

Write sequences that you would like to receive.

Educational, entertaining, value adding.

Like this one:

#1 addresses a trigger & a related painful problem.

#2 highlights the business impact of this problem.

#3 tells a story of how you helped a similar client.

#4 gives the prospect an interactive A/B option.

#5 gives the prospect a valuable resource.

#6 is a friendly, humorous breakup email.

If you want a longer sequence, repeat emails #2-#5.

You can access my entire sequence here.

What did I miss?👇

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