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Another Great Content from Jesse Ouellette, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

After his previous post "Email Delivery is Getting a lot Harder", Jesse Ouellette gave us another great content on his Cold Email Delivery Tips. "Hey Sales Cold Emailers,

You're better than that.. you know links are dangerous.

Yes, even the Unsubscribe link is dangerous for ANY business to click on.

Stop FORCING tracked Unsubscribe links down your potential prospects backs.

Ask them to reply if this isn't relevant. This is a simple nuance, but matters a lot.

This is much safer for you and the prospect to continue to do business with you.

They signed an agreement with their company saying they'd never click on an unsolicited link.

You could make them go through an entire training again on this.

Plus, I won't give away ALL the secrets, but a reply can help you get to the next cold e-mail safer.

So the pesky e-mail server aren't considering you a spammer.

By the way, stop spamming people too.

I hope more people adopt Gated so we can get reply rates higher in the world of spam thats out there today.

p.s. here is my cold e-mail guide from a few weeks ago for those who just started following me."

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