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Another Great Content from Nate Stoltenow, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

After his previous post about "How to Write a Cold Email in 6 Steps", Nate Stoltenow gave us another great content on his 3 things I hate seeing in cold emails. "3 things I hate seeing in cold emails

1. A calendar link

🚫 ‘Feel free to grab a time on my calendar’

2. Trite statements

🚫 ‘Hope you’re well’

🚫 ‘Happy Friday’

🚫 ‘Congrats on your success at SAP’

3. Worthless links

🚫 ‘Click here to read this article in Forbes’

🚫 ‘Click here to see our G2 reviews’

So remember…

No calendar links

No trite statements

No worthless links


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