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Another Great Content from Yurii Veremchuk, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

After his previous post about Lowering Pressure on Prospects, Yuri Veremchuk gave us another great content on his Best Break-up Email that gets him 10% Response Rate as a Follow-up in his sequence: "My best break-up email that gets me a 10% response rate is...


Yep, you've seen it right.

Just a frowning face emoticon.

It seems sooo controversial, but people respond to that email like crazy.

Just think about it: by now, prospects went through the whole sequence.

I did my best to start a convo with them, but it didn’t work.

I do really feel sad about it.

This email is a funny and creative pattern interruption.

I guess this is why I’m able to start good convos about it.

And responses usually look like this:

40% haha I love it, let's talk

20% You’ve got me. Tell me more

30% how this follow-up performs for you? Do people even respond to it?

10% hate it, how dare are you sending it to me

As for the subject line, I usually go with these two options:

1. Sending it in the same thread as the previous follow-up

2 New subject line: my heart will go on

Would you use such a follow-up in your sequence?"

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