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Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Elric Negloire on his Proven Sequence Framework to Book More Meetings

Elric, Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn, is sharing with us some great content on his Proven Sequence Framework to Book More Outbound Meetings!

"Here's 1 proven sequence framework to book more outbound meetings:

This sequence was created by Sam Nelson, former SDR leader at Outreach.

Designed to create a comprehensive prospecting experience, it emphasizes value-driven communication and fosters stronger connections with potential clients.

Florin Tatulea uses this structure for his sequences and he booked 1000+ meetings with it.

The framework

It combines email, phone, and social media touchpoints.

Total of 15 touches in 27 business days

- 7 emails

- 6 calls, with 2 voicemails first and middle calls

- 2 social touches"

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