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Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Lucas Perret on his Normalizing Company Names in Your Prospect Lists

"The easiest way to be seen as a spammer ↓

Not mentioning your prospect's company name correctly.

"Hey, how are things going at Google® llc.?" ❌❌❌

The problem?

Too many people are still doing this.

Because when scraping data, the {companyName} may include:

・legal entity abbreviations - LLC, Inc., Pvt Ltd…

・emojis and special characters

・unnecessary context - "we are hiring 🚀"…

Here’s how you can fix it before importing to your prospecting tool:

STEP 1: Go to Google Sheet and add your list

STEP 2: Use the following formula:

=trim(regexreplace(regexreplace(REGEXREPLACE(REGEXREPLACE(split(split(split(split(SPLIT( {companyName}," | ",false,)," (",false,)," - ",false,),": ",false,),", ",false,),"\.(\s|$)"," "),"(?i)\sINC(\s|$)|\sLLC(\s|$)|\sLLP(\s|$)|\sINCORPORATED(\s|$)|LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY|ltd|\sCORP(\s|$)"," "),"[^A-Za-zÀ-ÖØ-öø-ÿ;\s;-;0-9;’;\.;\-;\+;\!;\?;\']",""),"(?i)\sPVT(\s|$)|\sPTY(\s|$)"," "))

STEP 3: Replace {companyName} with the cell you need to normalize

STEP 4: Drag the formula down

…and enjoy a much cleaner list!

Thanks Victor for the post idea 💡"

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