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Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Vlad Oleksiienko on his Prospecting Strategy for SDRs and Salespeople

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Vlad, Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn, is sharing with us some great content on his Unusual and Creative Prospecting Strategy for SDRs and Salespeople! "Here is an unusual and creative prospecting strategy for SDRs and salespeople.

Social listening.

Here is how it works:

1️⃣ Imagine you are an SDR or salesperson selling software or services to marketing leaders.

2️⃣ Your potential buyers interact with other people on social media, asking for recommendations and best options (e.g. what's the best marketing automation tool)

3️⃣ As an SDR, you can adopt a social listening tool that will track specific keywords, competitors and brand mentions.

4️⃣ Then, import the list of prospects.

5️⃣ Find their emails or social media profiles.

6️⃣ Add them to a sequence.

- - - - -

Here is an example:

Hi {{FirstName}},

I've been browsing twitter and noticed that you were searching for a cost-effective sales engagement platform for startups.

We at Reply are helping startups and solopreneurs with both B2B data and cold outreach automation.

Worth a conversation?"

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