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More Great Content from Ankur Warikoo, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

After his previous post on "How a Cold Email Could Change Your Life", Ankur is sharing with us more great content on his One of the Most Powerful Ways to Get Lucky!

"Let's say you are tossing a coin and want at least 1 heads.

If you toss the coin once, there is a 50% chance you get lucky.

However, if you tossed the coin 10 times, the probability of getting a head is ~100%.

One of the most powerful ways to get lucky is to "toss the coin" as many times as you can.

In other words, set a process that sets you up for success.

Here are 5 simple hacks to increase your luck:

1. Pursue multiple side gigs.

We have just one life.

Why live it with just one identity?

Pursue multiple interests.

With no pressure of making money from them.

Purely for the joy of it.

Who knows which one of them will click and how?

2. Engage with people online.

If you like somebody's work, send them an appreciation note.

If you wish to know about something that was shared, ask questions.

If you have your own experience to add, do not hesitate.

Today, the Internet allows us to be in direct contact with the most successful and smartest people in the world.

And they rarely come across thoughtful engagement.

Become that person, and you increase your chances to get lucky.

3. Wish people.

On their birthdays, anniversaries, and on their accomplishments.

I recall sending a note to a founder, wishing them well after raising funds.

I did not know the founder. Simply admired the product from a distance.

They asked if I was keen to invest.

I said yes.

That investment has grown 8X in 3 years!

4. Send cold emails.

The first email has a 5% chance of a reply.

If you send 20 emails you have a 100% chance of a reply.

Go for it!

5. Get to know your colleagues/batchmates.

Get to know them with the pure intent of getting to know them.

Not knowing that they might, if at all, be of help in the future.

Because within this group lies your opportunity set for the future.

What are some other processes through which you boost your luck?"

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