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More Great Content from Charlotte Johnson, our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

After her previous post on "Tips to Create an Email Template", Charlotte is sharing with us more great content on her How I Overcome Email Objections! "How do you overcome email objections?

The common ones I hear are...

"We already have a tool in place"

"We don't have budget"

"Let's talk next year"

Most of the time these aren't real objections they're "fob-offs" so we need to try and get to the real objection.

And the common mistake reps often make is replying to these by asking questions.

Questions that they haven't earned the right to ask like "what tools do you have in place" and then pitching their hearts out.

= no reply.

So how should we react to objections?

Check out the image below that shares the steps & structure for how I overcome email objections.


Want more of my tips & tricks then you can check out my Prospect Attractors guide here:


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