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More Great Content from Chris Orlob, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

After his previous post on "Cold Call Tips", Chris is sharing with us more great content on his Cold Email Template I've Used 100,000x in the Last Decade!

"Here's a cold email template I've used 100,000x in the last decade.

Plus, why it works:

Step 1: Lead with a relevant observation.

Lead with a personalized, relevant observation that will matter to them.

Language matters.

Don't use the word "I," as in "I noticed..."

It's not about you.

Sub that out for "Looks like you..."

That keeps the focus on them.

Step 2: Introduce the goal and Conflict.

This is what makes this email template work.

Every buyer is trying to achieve a desired outcome.

But every desired outcome comes with a sacrifice.

Articulate that.

Step 3: Spell out the pain in the sacrifice.

Capture the pain your buyer feels from that "conflict/sacrifice" better than they can themselves.

"It's a lose-lose. You either get X without Y, or Y without X."

Step 4: Sell the desired outcome with social proof.

Don't say a word about your product.

Leave out the "how."

Simply how you've helped others (that look like them) achieve a desired outcome that matters to them.

Step 5: Make it easy to say "yes"

Don't lead with "Got 30 minutes?"

You buyer: "No, I don't, dude. I'm on zoom calls from sun up to sun down."

When you bring their limitation top of mind (their time), then that's the lens through which they'll make the decision.

The answer will be "no."

Instead, "up for a chat?" doesn't make the time investment explicit.

Much easier to say yes to.

The hard part of this template?

Knowing your buyer enough to make the "fill in the blanks" resonate.

But if you can pull it off, you've got a winner.

Give it a try."

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