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More Great Content from Florian Decludt, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

Updated: May 26, 2023

After his previous post on "Running Cold Email Campaign", Florian is sharing with us more great content on his Cold Email Tip!

"Cold email tip:

Make it super short (like 35 words or less).

Here’s an example:

Hi {{firstName}} - I’ve helped {{competitor or similar company}} reduce their customer acquisition cost by 36% last quarter through optimized LinkedIn ads retargeting. If that makes sense for {{companyName}} should we set up a time to chat? Best, Florian

Why it works?

Few reasons:

- It goes straight to the point. You don’t have a choice when you limit yourself to 35 words.

- It’s all about the prospect. You don’t have time to talk about yourself.

- You can read in less than 15 seconds. The prospect knows what they need to know immediately and can make a decision. Yes or No. Remember ANY reply is better than no reply.

So next time you write a cold email.

Keep it under 35 words.

And let me know how it goes."

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