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More Great Content from Jesse Ouellette, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

After his previous post on "Cold Email Delivery Tips", Jesse is sharing with us more great content on his Reason of Not Sending Emails with His Primary Inbox!

"You wouldn't see me sending emails with my primary inbox.

Even if the management team "told" me to. ️ 👮

There's a simple answer why.

Lockout risk.

I wouldn't do something that jeopardizes the company communicating with me.


Lockout risk. 🔒

What do I mean by this?

If they disable your corporate inbox you can't receive emails anymore from anyone.

This is a example response you receive when you email someone with a locked out inbox.

Email Providers are now suspending your account, but also blocking your inbound messaging.

This means if your account gets suspended everything you were supposed to get, you won't get.

You will lose responses from:

🙅 Prospects

🙅 Customers

🙅 HR and CEO

🙅 Social Media Alerts

This is what your customers and prospects now see if you get caught spamming.

Take this serious. It's true. I am just reporting the news.

This means you won't hear from your:

✔️ Prospects in Sequence

✔️ Corporate and HR Policies

✔️ Sales and Marketing Leadership

You are essentially risking the communication channel that your company tells you to use to communicate internally.

If you are going to send cold email send it from a different infrastructure where you're practicing safety first.

It shouldn't be inside your current infrastructure.

Your IT Team isn't prepared to handle these requests.

Ask your company to invest in their IT & Engineering Strategy to land in the primary inbox.

Practice safety when you use fireworks in your go-to-market motion.

See you in the primary inbox... 📥


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