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More Great Content from Josh Braun, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

After his previous post on "Two Types of Cold Emails", Josh is sharing with us more great content on his How to Upsell Without Selling Your Soul!

"How to upsell without selling your soul.

Do you get pits in your stomach at the thought of upselling?

Why is that?

It's your intent.

When your intention is to sell people, you feel pushy.

You wouldn't want someone selling you, so you don't want to sell others.

The way out?

The word "upsell" implies that it's your job to talk people into buying.

This is going to be a huge relief...

It's not your job to talk people into buying.

Think like a scientist, not a salesperson.

Scientists approach experiments from a place of not knowing.

They have a hypothesis about a potential problem without being attached to the outcome.

Why does this matter?

Your solution has no value without a problem.

Let go of assumptions.


Here's a five-step talk track you can use when having conversations with customers:

1. Say hello. "Hi James. This is Lisa with ACME. I'm the customer success rep on your account. I know you weren't expecting my call. Was wondering if I could ask you a couple of quick questions."

2. Ask how it's going with the product they already purchased. "How's it going with X?" Offer additional resources if applicable.

3. Share new features (if applicable). "Are you aware we released a new feature that allows you to do X?"

4. Ask for feedback. "Is there anything we can be doing better?"

5. Poke the bear. Ask a neutral question that illuminates a potential problem that’s aligned with something else you sell:

Example for C2FO (client): "How are you accessing capital during those times when your bank won't provide it?"

The idea is to let the "experiment" or conversation go where it goes without trying to steer people toward your product.

You're shining a light a potential problem without having an agenda.

The shift:

Selling —> Inquiring

Product —> Problem

Salesperson —> Scientist"

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