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More Great Content from Lucas Perret, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

After his previous post on "Normalizing Company Names in Your Prospect Lists", Lucas is sharing with us more great content on his Don’t Pay Attention to Myths!

"“Icebreakers are useless”

❌ What they are writing:

"Hey, noticed on Facebook you went to Bali last week, how was it?"

✅ What they should write:

"Noticed [relevant observation]. You’re probably experiencing [related problem]"

“Custom images are useless”

❌ What they're doing with custom images:

Using a selfie image + "Hey, {first name}"

✅ What they should do with custom images:

- Use screenshots of their solutions, tailored to leads.

- Present lead's situation before and after your solution with graph, tables...

“LinkedIn outreach is not scalable”

❌ Their process:

- Relies solely on manual steps

- Need to manually check if leads are in their CRM

✅ What they should do:

- Automate multichannel outreach with lemlist

- Use Surfe to integrate LinkedIn with their CRM

Don’t pay attention to myths.

→ Stay relevant

→ Use the right tools, in the right way

→ Break through the noise with pattern interrupts

And results will follow ✌️"

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