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More Great Content from Lucas Perret, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

Updated: Aug 4

After his previous post on "Normalizing Company Names in Your Prospect Lists", Lucas is sharing with us more great content on his Don’t Pay Attention to Myths!

"“Icebreakers are useless”

❌ What they are writing:

"Hey, noticed on Facebook you went to Bali last week, how was it?"

✅ What they should write:

"Noticed [relevant observation]. You’re probably experiencing [related problem]"

“Custom images are useless”

❌ What they're doing with custom images:

Using a selfie image + "Hey, {first name}"

✅ What they should do with custom images:

- Use screenshots of their solutions, tailored to leads.

- Present lead's situation before and after your solution with graph, tables...

“LinkedIn outreach is not scalable”

❌ Their process:

- Relies solely on manual steps

- Need to manually check if leads are in their CRM

✅ What they should do:

- Automate multichannel outreach with lemlist

- Use Surfe to integrate LinkedIn with their CRM

Don’t pay attention to myths.

→ Stay relevant

→ Use the right tools, in the right way

→ Break through the noise with pattern interrupts

And results will follow ✌️"

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