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More Great Content from Roy Itzhaki, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

After his previous post on "Personalized vs Non-personalized Emails", Roy is sharing with us more great content on his Outbound Sentences to Use in Your Emails! "Outbound sentences to use in your emails!


Please, please, please, take a look at this:

(1) What happens if _____?

(2) Does _____ ever concern you?

(3) Have you ever considered _____?

(4) How are you currently doing _____?

(5) How do you typically approach _____?

(6) When was the last time you did _____?

(7) Is anything withholding you from _____?

(8) How urgent is finding a solution for _____?

(9) What has been your experience with _____?

(10) How would you feel if you could overcome _____?

(11) Can you tell me more about how you handle _____?

(12) What challenges have you encountered with _____?

(13) What are your top priorities when it comes to _____?

(14) In what ways do you think _____ could be improved?

(15) How does _____ impact your day-to-day operations?

(16) What's something surprising you've learned about _____?

(17) What do you think is holding you back from achieving _____?

(18) If you could change one thing about _____, what would it be?

Add these to your playbook ASAP.

Which one is your favorite?

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