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More Great Content from Ryan James, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

After his previous post on "11 Killer Email Subject Line Formats that You Can Steal", Ryan is sharing with us more great content on his Cold outreach is CRAZY competitive!

"I've received 1000s of cold LinkedIn DMs.

2 of them were successful.

They both had the same sales strategy. It worked.

One was a landing page copywriter. The other was a web developer.

Their pitches were similar...

"Hey, I love what you guys do. Could I offer you [service] for 100% free? No catch."

They had decent portfolios. I would have felt stupid to turn them down.

They did great work and quickly became regular suppliers, fully paid, of course.

I've since paid them thousands.

Cold outreach is CRAZY competitive.

Copy those guys' strategy to win new business:

1) Carefully choose your target audience

2) Offer them your services for free. No catch

3) Do due diligence. Watch out for free-riding snakes

4) Keep the relationship going with regular friendly check-ins

I'm pretty sure this is the strategy that Alex Hormozi's new book is going to outline.

If you're serious about growth, you gotta put in the graft!"

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