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New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn, Chris Ritson on his Approach and Template in Outbound Marketing

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

"32 dials, 0 pickups, 32 WhatsApp follow-ups, 18 replies, and 8 meetings.

It's very safe to say I shocked myself.

For everyone who wanted it here's the template and breakdown:

''Hey {insert first name}. Chris Ritson (The LinkedIn SDR Guy). I know Outbound pipe gen will be important to you next year, fancy throwing some ideas around about it? P.s let me know if Whatsapp is too much''.

*Bare in mind I sell to Founders/VP Sales so 'SDR' and 'Outbound' and 'Pipe Gen' may not be applicable to others*.

The things I found helpful to remember:

- Block text is important - write as you would on text, and that's okay.

- LinkedIn is your own website. They can go there for proof I have experience in what I have stated aka 'SDR'.

- Short-hand copy - research shows people's attention spans are becoming.

shorter. The better you are at short-hand copy, the more likely you'll win here.

- One problem - I only mention one problem, this keeps the attention locked in on that single issue.

- Timing - Urgency was driven with timing as next year starts soon.

- Opt-out - they have the opportunity to tell me it's too much (some did) and I removed them.

My take is to be cautious in the approach to this channel. It can be great, but only to a carefully thought-out audience."

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