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New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Jennifer Bishop on her Improving The Deliverability of Cold Email

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

"Google regularly updates its settings which means email deliverability changes, affecting the open and reply rates of many campaigns.

My team is regularly researching the updates and how other cold email providers are handling the situation.

If you are sending cold emails with any frequency here are some tips to help you out:

1) Sign up for 10-15 newsletters. Making sure you are receiving emails as well as sending them, increases your domain authority and helps in maintaining the email warmup. Once you sign up for newsletters, you will also have to manually verify them inside your email.

2) If you have a new email, gradually increase the sending limits, starting from 6 a week and gradually increasing by 5-8/ day (every week). Please try keeping the sending limits to less than 50 at all times (even when the inbox is warmed up or the account is old). Each google workspace only hosts one domain but on each, you can have 2-3 email inboxes.

3) Please set up your - DKIM, SPF, and DMARC. It is very important. If you bought domains from google, you just need to set up DMARC. If you need help with this process just comment below and reply to this message and we can help you out.

4) If you are thinking of using Zoho or Outlook emails, we tried both, and we can tell they are not worth it. These senders increase the chances of landing in spam and have poor deliverability. Starting a new domain in outlook is a messy process. Google Workspace is by far the best.

5) Small things matter, like you, should have a profile picture on your emails, and include as few links in the email body as possible. Do not include videos and pictures in the first email, nor attachments unless there is a reply.

6) Please validate your emails before sending them. There are many email validation tools. We use Neverbounce and recommend sending to only those whose email deliverability is 100%. A free validation tool is

6) Have random daily sending limits if possible. Someday 30, someday 36, keep that variability.

8) Personalize your emails as much as possible, including adding company names, job titles, etc. in the email.

9) Avoid Spam words, which google is most likely to send in spam folders. You can use a tool such as to check your email copy.

10) Try sending manually if possible to see if this improves campaign results. Manual sending limits the ability to check open rates however if you include links in your second and third emails such as or Loom links, the click rates can be tracked helping you monitor your campaign success. Of course, positive reply rates are a good success metric as well.

11) Test your email subject line and email body copy for improved results.

If you would like help with your email campaigns or would like to outsource your cold email marketing altogether we now offer a fully done-for-you service.

This includes data research, data validation, warming up new inboxes, composing email campaigns, sending and replying to emails, ensuring deliverability, and booking calls into your diary..."

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