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New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Josue Valles on his How to Get a Client Using Nothing but Content

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

"Give me 2 mins, and I'll show you how to get a client using nothing but content:

1/ Pick a dream customer/client

Not metaphorically, but literally.

Find an actual customer or company you would LOVE to work with.

2/ Spend 20 hours researching your target customer/client

Find out everything you possibly can about them.

- What do they like?

- What do they dislike?

- Where do they hang out online and offline?


- Stalk them on LinkedIn.

- Listen to their conversations on Twitter.

- Read their blog comments.

3/ Identify a painful problem they're facing right now

Not just "a" problem, but "the" problem.

Work your butt off to research until you really understand their problem.

4/ Create a content piece for them (and just for them)

Marketers love to talk about personalization.

But the truth is that most of what we consider personalization is just segmentation.

And while segmentation is essential, it's not enough.

You must create laser-focused content for a single customer.

- A blog post

- A video

- A podcast episode

- A Twitter thread

- A LinkedIn post

Whatever you do, make it just for that person.

- Address them by name

- Use their specific pain points

- Reference things they're interested in

I'm talking about hyper-personalization.

No, this piece won't go viral.

It probably won't rank on Google, either.

It's ok.

This content is not meant for the masses.

It's meant for your dream customer.

5/ Ensure your target customer sees your content

- Publish the content on LinkedIn and tag your target customer

- Tweet it out with a personalized message

- Send a cold email

Do whatever it takes to get that content in front of your target customer.

Trust me, they'll appreciate it.

This level of personalization is what it takes to stand out in today's noisy, crowded online world.

Not easy, but worth it.

It can help you get past the SEO game and build relationships with your dream customers.

That, my friend, is how you close big deals and make a real impact with your content marketing.

6/ Repurpose your initial piece for a wider audience

Once you've created your hyper-personalized piece of content, it's time to repurpose it for a wider audience.

The effort you put into targeting a specific person will pay off here.

You can take that same piece of content and turn it into something that appeals to a larger audience.

- Shorten it

- Enhance it

- Tweak it

- Expand on it

- Play around with the format

This is the holy grail of content strategy.

You start with a narrow focus (one person) and then expand to reach a larger audience.

You get:

- Short-term results (closing a big deal)

- Long-term benefits (more traffic, leads, and conversions).

It's the best of both worlds.

This process might not be sexy, but it certainly works.

Give it a try.

P.S. Need some help with this?

I’m launching a personalized, cohort-based coaching program where I’ll help you create your own content engine in 6 weeks.


Shoot me a DM."

Here's a link to the document in case you are on mobile:

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