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New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Nick Cegelski on his Send an Email Instead of Leaving Voicemails

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

If you hesitate to start with sending some Cold Emails instead of leaving some voicemails, reading Nick's post will definitely help you :) "Salespeople: Are you leaving voicemails & hoping for a call back?

Not gonna work.

Say this instead:


"Armand, there's no need to call me back. I'm about to send you an email with the subject line Just Called You.

When you get a minute to give me your thoughts on that email, I'd appreciate it.

It's Nick Cegelski with XYZ. Thanks."


🔁Every salesperson starts voicemails with their name + company. Try leaving contact info at the end of your message.

🤮 Barfing your whole sales pitch into a voicemail isn't a good way to get a call back, either.

📧 Direct to email if you'd actually like to get a response."

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