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Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Florin Tatulea on his Don’t Piss Your Prospect off and Waste Time

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

"SDRs & AEs - here are 12 questions you should be asking throughout discovery so that you don’t piss your prospect off and waste their time:

1. TED Questions - (Tell me more about that... Explain to me... Describe to me...)

2. If your org were to purchase something like X, what would the business justification be?

3. What's causing you to look at this now?

4. Have you tried to solve this problem previously? What happenened?

5. Is doing nothing an option?

6. What happens if nothing changes with the way you are doing things today?

7. What does your ideal situation look like?

8. If our solution can get you there, what would that mean?

9. Why is this specifically important to YOU? (not the company)

10. If there was something that was going to stop us from working together, what would that be?

11. Who else cares about this problem?

12. Who is the executive within your organization that this initiative is being driven by and why is it so important to them?

What am I missing? 🤔"

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