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Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Vaibhav Namburi on his 5 Things Cold Email Gurus Will Hate me for

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

"5 Things Cold Email Gurus will hate me for:

🛑 Don't start with "Hi {{first_name}}"

When everyone does the same intro, it becomes very hard to stand out - build pattern breaks.

Start with "{{first_name}}, how's your Friday Morning?"

⭕️ Don't send 200 warmup emails at a 100% reply rate

No human is sending 200 emails daily and replying to all 100. Keep it human; that's the whole point of email warmups

🥲 Ask for a meeting in the first email

Everyone's too busy to give you their time in the first go. The goal of the first cold email is to build interest, create trust and build value leverage

👀 Add 10 mailboxes to 1 domain

You're putting yourself at risk, if one mailbox gets burnt all 10 for that domain are going away, you rise and fall together, reputation is domain specific not email specific

😖 Use aliases

Stop... don't - an alias is a traffic redirect equivalent. You "need" multiple independent mailboxes. With gmail they can be as "Secondary" users, zoho and outlook can be just normal users but paid."

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