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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Alex Berman on his Best Cold Email Practices

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Check out Alex's amazing post about Best Cold Email Practices You'll Wish You Knew Before:

"I have generated over $100 million via cold email.

Here are 7 best cold email practices I wish I followed earlier:

1. Spend 4-6 minutes researching

Research your leads:

- Industry

- Job title

- Company size

- Active social media channel

Don't send emails to:

- Industry you have no case studies in

- People with no authority

- Companies with low budget

- People who don’t use email

2. Warm up your domain

Google filters hate inboxes created for cold outreach.

Warm it up so your emails look genuine.

- Create a group of inboxes/domains

- Send emails back and forth

- Open and reply to each other's emails

Software like Omni does this work automatically.

3. Set up inbox and signature

Make your email look personal, genuine, and real:

- Personal photo

- Phone number

- DMARC in domain DNS

- Email signature (name, title, address, etc)

Setting up your inbox correctly is the easiest way to pass through spam filters.

4. Never stop following a client that showed interest

Never let a good deal fall through until you get a yes or no.

Follow up with:

- New client victories

- Wish them at major festivals

- Congratulate them on business wins

Get the deal done, but don’t sound too desperate.

5. Start slow

So many people get this wrong.

Don’t send 100s of emails from day 1 out of excitement.

Start slow:

- First week: 5-10 per day

- Increase by 40% for 1st month

- Slow down if open rate plummets

Better to send less than to lose your domain.

6. Record data points

Cold email is a game of numbers.

If you don’t record your numbers, you can never improve.

Keep track of and aim for:

- Open rate - 80%

- Bounce rate - <10%

- Response rate - 25%

- Meeting book rate - 6%

7. Keep the email short

Prospects don’t have time to read paragraphs.

Keep your emails short:

- First line

- 1 sentence case study

- Strong CTA

Cut out everything else:

- Portfolio links

- Personalized videos

You might get only 1 chance with the prospect.

Make it count"

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