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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Ankur Warikoo on his How a Cold Email Could Change Your Life

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

"It is unbelievable how a cold email could change your life.

Sadly, most people use it the wrong way!

Here is how you can use the power of cold emails to land your dream job/get mentored by your favourite founder/land up a call with someone whom you are inspired by:

1. Easy step

a. Search on LinkedIn for the company + role you wish to apply for

b. Find the names of those working in roles who would be senior enough to be responsible for hiring.

Pro tip: Do not look for HR in these companies - they get a LOT of such emails which they cannot respond to.

2. Hard step

a. Write a custom email for THEM. Not a copy pasted one. A good test is - that this email you sent could NOT have been sent to anyone else.

b. Send the email (Yes, hit that send button!)

Pro tip: If you cannot figure their email address - send it to

firstname.lastname (ankur.warikoo),

initials (aw),

firstinitial.lastname (awarikoo),

firstname.lastinitial (ankurw),

firstname (ankur),

lastname (warikoo)

Except first, all in BCC

Comments section has a YouTube video that I had created on this subject, in detail.

3. Hardest step:

What is the probability that you will get a response to a cold email?

Umm - less than 1%, I say.

5% if the email is REALLY good.

However, what is the probability that you will get A RESPONSE if you send a cold email to 100 different people?

I’d say 100%!

What if you sent 1 cold email EVERY SINGLE DAY for 100 days?

You are going to work hard anyway to land “any” job, why not work hard along with it, to land your dream job?

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