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Our new Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Artem Pogosov on his What's Wrong with Cold Outbound

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

"here’s what’s wrong with cold outbound:

most B2B companies follow these 4 steps when under the pressure of revenue targets:

1. build a list of target customers all companies in their market

2. create one sequence for all audience segments

3. “personalize” messages with their years of experience, awards, cases, etc.

4. hit send and wait for those 1000 leads to convert

when you cold-pitch your customers, they don't actually have the desire to engage. instead:

- they skim

- they don't fully appreciate your arguments

- they know you're just trying to sell to them

as a result, you achieve a reply rate of 20% = 200 responses.

- some are negative

- some ask to check back later

- some are skeptical and need further persuasion

on average, a non-personalized sequence may have a 10% call booking rate = 20 new meetings.

then it gets worse:

- some prospects don’t show up

- some have no intention to buy

- some prefer other products/vendors

so, what are we left with?

you send 3-5 offers to new businesses and deal success depends on:

- how much do buyers need your solution?

- do they believe you can drive their business toward a desired state?

even if your average contract value keeps you afloat with 5 new clients, they won’t bring you sustainable growth. especially in highly competitive markets.

if you want to grow your business, you need to stop thinking just about your revenue goals. try to understand your audience and align your strategy accordingly.

focus on:

- what customers benefit most from your product/service

- what they deeply care about

- how you can solve their problems and gain a competitive advantage

- what’s the best way to deliver your brand message to target customers

instead of pushing them to buy → get their attention.

when you get their attention, you’ll eventually get sales opportunities."

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