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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Charlotte Johnson on her Tips to Create an Email Template

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

If you're searching for some tips how to create a great Email Template, in Charlotte's post you'll definitely find it :) Here's how it looks one of them: "Hi {first name}, I saw that...

Hey {first name}, I saw on your LinkedIn...

Hi {first name}, I noticed that...

Hello {first name}, I saw on your website..

Thats what 99.99999% of emails look like.

And when we only have like 90 characters in the preview text to tempt our prospects to actually click on our email, that first bit feels like wasted characters to me...

And I'm not saying don't mention their name or say hi.

I'm just saying do it at the end of the first line.

So instead of:

"Hi {first name}, congrats on the funding, I saw that the article talks about expanding into the UK"

Try this:

"expanding into the UK" - found that interesting when reading your funding announcement, {first name}.

It's a really subtle difference but when a/b testing this my open & reply rates increased.

In my view, anything I can do to stand out from the thousands of other sales humans, trying to also get time in my prospects calendar, I'll do.

And this is just one small pattern interrupt that's helped me do this.

Try it out & let me know if it works for you.

Want more of my tips & tricks?

Then you can check out my Prospect Attractors guide here:

👆🏽 👆🏽 👆🏽"

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