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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - David Bentham on his 30-Day Prospecting Cadence

"Since our SDRs started using this 30-day prospecting cadence, they’ve seen a 20% increase in meetings booked.

🔔Day 1 - LinkedIn connection message

This is a low-stress 1st touchpoint. Hopefully, they see it coming in before you give them a call and build familiarity

📞Day 1 - Phone

On the same day, follow up on the LinkedIn connection request with a call. The phone is the only channel that allows you to build a connection and have a real conversation with a prospect. It's the ideal first place to have a conversation

📧Day 1 - Personalised email

Assuming they haven’t picked up the phone, they’re going to see a missed call, a connection request and now an email. You’re hyper-visible and maximise your chances of a response.

📞Day 3 - Phone

Follow up the day 1 triple touch with another phone call on day 3.

💬Day 6 - LinkedIn voice note

People feel a lot more connected when they hear another person’s voice. We’re seeing response rates increase by 50% after a voice note.

📞Day 8 - Phone

We love calling.

📲Day 10 - LinkedIn research (e.g. like/comment on an article)

If your prospect has posted on LinkedIn or shared an article be sure to add your own comment! Anything that helps you maximise the touchpoints you have with them to stay engaged.

🎥Day 12 - Personalised email with Vidyard

Based on what you’ve learned about the business and prospect so far, send a short teaser of how your platform works and how it solves their current challenges.

📞Day 16 - Phone

Call, call, call!

💬Day 16 - Whatsapp/Text

No pitch - just an intro asking if there is a better time to connect.

💔Day 30 - Breakup email

The trick with a breakup email is for it not to be a 100% clean break. Always see if you can get the prospect to refer you to someone else in their business. If the prospect replies saying they’ve no interest, then you can qualify them out and move on."

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