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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Henry Briggs on his 7 Crazy Email Deliverability Stats

"7 crazy #emaildeliverability stats that every sender should know in 2023:

1.) 17% of legitimate, permission-based marketing emails sent don't make it to the inbox.

2.) 10% of emails sent are not even accepted by the receiving mailbox provider at all.

3.) Inbox Placement at MAGY (Microsoft, AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo) is higher than the global average, at 86%.

4.) Inbox Placement at Apple, however, is only 66% (!!), highlighting the difficulties faced by marketers trying to measure engagement and inform effective campaign strategies post-MPP.

5.) Inbox Placement in the B2B space is as low as 68% when the impact of the hosting platform and filtering application are considered together.

6.) Business Services, Telecoms, Finance and Insurance are the worse-performing industry sectors in terms of deliverability, with average spam and missing rates 33% higher than the global benchmark.

7.) 61% of email marketers indicate that deliverability is becoming harder, as global send volumes continue to rise and evolving privacy policies present challenges with accurate engagement monitoring, with only 6% saying that it's getting easier.

(source: "2023 Email Deliverability Benchmark" report by Validity, Inc. partnered with the DMA)" If you want to read a full report, you can find it here :)

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