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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Jasper V. on his 7 Pillars of Outbound Sales in 2023

Updated: May 31, 2023

"As a junior BDR in 2014, I’d book 5 meetings/day from 50 cold calls. No power dialer.

It stopped working.

As an AE in 2016, I’d book 2 meetings/day from 10 manual, hyper-personalized cold emails.

It also stopped working.

As an SDR lead in 2019, I’d book 10 meetings/day from email campaigns with ‘personalized’ images.

What? That also stopped working.

Now many shout to stop automating your outreach, because it’s not personalized.

Do you want to go back to 2016 or 2014?

Many things that work in outbound sales today will also stop working, soon.

Our ability to adapt to a rapidly evolving space becomes increasingly important.

Take AI. If you don’t know how to use smart sales engagement tech and automation today, you’re probably not gonna make it.

👇 Here are 7 pillars to master to be effective with outbound in 2023:

(adding some maestros that I learned from with each)

- 1. Building targeted lists with buying signals, at scale: 🦾Eric Nowoslawski, Jordan Crawford.

- 2. Writing compelling cold emails with good offers. Josh Braun, 💜 Will Allred.

- 3. Solid email deliverability setup to scale your outreach. Jesse Ouellette, Vaibhav Namburi.

- 4. Multichannel, semi-automated email campaigns with social, and audio/phone touches. Justin Michael

- 5. Account-based prospecting and multi-threading to get insider intel. nicholas thickett, 💜 Will Allred

- 6. LinkedIn-specific prospecting. nicholas thickett

- 7. Social media presence to build a brand and establish credibility. Justin Welsh

Most businesses we see fall short in pillar 1, the basis.

Without pillar 1, your outbound house collapses sooner or later.

If you’re missing one or more in your playbook, work on each, step by step.

The resources are here.

Personalization and building relationships alone won’t get you clients.

If you remain stuck in 2014, 2016, or even in 2023: NGMI.

Missing a pillar? Comment below.

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