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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Jed Mahrle on his one of a great Email Templates

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

If you're looking for some more "wisdom" about creating a really good Email Template, in Jed's posts you'll definitely find it :) Here's how it looks one of them: "Love this email.

Here’s why:

Subject line:

Short and intentionally boring. I’m a fan of using their name if not done in a cringey way (i.e. “quick question Jed”)

1st line:

They’re clearly stating ONE problem. A lot of emails get this part wrong. Either the problem isn’t clear, it’s not relevant, or they mention too many problems.

2nd line:

Clearly states the impact of that problem with relevant metrics to back it up (this is how you use metrics the right way - with context!).

3rd line:

I like it but it could have been shortened by combining with the CTA: “worth seeing how we can automate this?”


It’s clear, short, interest-based (i.e. not asking for time), and it’s at the end of the email! Too often CTAs are buried.

Two takeaways from this email:

#1 - this is PROOF that if you’re targeting is done right, personalization isn’t always necessary. This rep could’ve sent this to 100s of other sales leaders. I don’t care because it’s relevant.

#2 - it follows a simple framework: problem, the impact of that problem, their solution to that problem, and call to action. "

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