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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Julia Carter on her Getting a Next Step to Close a Deal

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Julia, Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn, is sharing with us some great content on her Getting a Next Step to Close a Deal is One of the Hardest Things!

"IMO, if there is no next step in the books, close it out- it's dead, sorry to break it to you 🙃

😐 No next step= you go into chase mode, harder to regain momentum

🤪 Next step= momentum + disqualifies faster (they will decline if not interested)

Getting a next step was one of the hardest things for me when I became an AE, I kept being like "they said they are interested so we are good :) <3 :P " and then the opp would die lol

To change that, I just started asking for a next step... not rocket science 🙃. This helps me know what is real + where to spend my time

Here is what I do, v casual delivery:

1. Acknowledge what they need: " So ik you need to chat internally + see if this even makes sense"

2. Ask when is a good time to reconnect: 1 week? 2 weeks?

3. Propose a time: "Sounds good, does next tues same time work?"

4. Send the invite: give them an out if they end up thinking its not a fit

None of this "we can connect over email", "who would be hurt if they weren't included next time", or "let me know when works for you" BS.... JUST GET THE TIME!!!!

If they decline your ask- close it out, keep tabs on 'em, revive it if you get one.

Also set reminders for yourself to check back in every once in awhile, just because it's dead now doesn't mean it will be dead later! #CPRszn

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