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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Mike Gallardo on his 3 Ways to Boost Cold Email Reply Rates

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

"3 ways to boost cold email reply rates:

1. Video CTAs. People are interested in your email but don’t have the time to book a meeting. Even with interest based CTAs like “Curious to learn more?” your prospect knows that probably means booking a meeting. Instead end your cold email with:

“If it’s interesting can I send you a 1-minute video?”

When they reply yes:

“Great, here’s the video. Once you watch it, can you let me know a) not of interest b) worth a chat - thank you so much!”.

2. Third party bumps. Use these later in your sequence as a bump. No call to action. Just helpful third party resources. Better way to build trust vs sharing your own stuff.

“Hey did you see Hubspot’s 394 SPAM trigger words to avoid? We removed it from our sequences and our open rates increased 10%+. Happy to send you the list.”

3. Use a PS. It shows that you're human. Lavender 💜 did a data test and found adding a PS increases reply rates significantly. You can include personal things, direct them to a different channel or an opt out to boost replies and email deliverability.

“Saw you went to Cal Poly. I went there too. Go Mustangs :)”

“I connected on Linkedin if you prefer to chat then”

“Let me know if you think [colleague's name] makes sense to reach out to”

“I can send over a short video if you prefer that”

“If this isn’t relevant let me know and I can stop”

Happy Monday and long live Americanos,

Mike G

PS These are my notes from the latest Practical Podcasting episode with Jed Mahrle and Maggie Blume. Give them a follow and check out their podcast!"

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