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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Nate Nasralla on his 5 Quotes in a Deal Review

Updated: May 11, 2023

"5 things top enterprise reps know, that average reps don’t.

Whenever I hear these 5 quotes in a deal review, it's a signal.

There's work to do, to move that rep from average → standout.


1/ Building committed champions for every deal in your pipeline.

→ Average Rep: “They love our product!”

→ Top Reps Know:

The right champions with the social capital to sway internal convo’s will test you. By default, they work around you, not with you.

To be clear, I don’t mean standout reps test their champion. It’s the other way around. You need to prove they’re better off running their process with you, than without you.

2/ Framing high-cost, high-priority problems in thoughtful discovery.

→ Average Rep: “They shared the perfect pains. We solve them all.”

→ Top Reps Know:

You can find a genuine problem with real costs and still lose deals.

When a problem isn’t framed to align with an internal priority, and used to prime the buying team’s internal convo’s, you’ll be ignored.

3/ Crafting a narrative-style business case to shape internal convo’s.

→ Average Rep: “I organized all our demo recordings, decks, etc… inside a beautiful page for them.”

→ Top Reps Know:

Your writing can be in the room when you can’t be. Spend what seems like an unreasonable amount of time co-creating a written message, to guide your champions’ convo's and shape thinking.

80% of this content won't be directly about your product.

4/ Design the flow of buying team communications to build influence.

→ Average Rep: “I’m tracking buying roles, titles, and reporting structure in this account map.”

→ Top Reps Know:

The corporate hierarchy isn’t how deals get done. The “shadow org chart” is far more influential.

Be painfully detailed about designing the flow of communications. Script who says what, to who, and when.

5/ Stoke buying team conflict & overcome dysfunctional groups.

→ Average Rep: “I got 10+ contacts involved, I’m multithreading!”

→ Top Reps Know:

Large buying teams are full of drama, communication overhead, and blockers who can say “no.”

So shrinking deals to the “minimally viable buying team,” and stacking it with the right, high-influence contacts keeps your deals from dying out.


If you want more of the how-to under these points, they're 5 / 10 topics inside the Buyer Enablement Mini-Course.

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