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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Rohan Suri on Junior's 5 Meetings with a Single Slick Line

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

All of us had that "Can you give me a call back" situation, but we still don't know what is the best approach here... Reading Rohan's post will definitely help everyone :) " "Can you give me a call back?"

Junior got this objection 5 times today...

And got 5 meetings with a single slick line 🤯

Here's how he did it:

Prospect: "Hey now's not a good time - I'm in a meeting"

Junior: "I get that... is there maybe a better time?"

Prospect: "Uhh... maybe in three hours?"

🤑 Money Line 🤑

Junior: "Look, instead of a call, can we make that a Zoom instead? Let's spend five minutes, if it makes sense we can keep chatting, if not, I'll cut you loose."

Prospect: "Yep, that's fine."

Junior: "Perfect, invite sent your way."

MEETING BOOKED. Best case it rolls into a demo, worst case you disqualify them.

BTW - this call was made in Nooks using our dialer. We stream stream live cold calls every week with RevGenius. Stay tuned for our next event!"

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