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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Scott Martinis on his How to Run High-Volume Outbound

Updated: May 16, 2023

"How to run high-volume outbound in

Most of the world seems to think that Smartlead and Instantly are the only ways to do high-volume sending.

(By high volume, I mean 500+ emails per day)

While they're convenient, email only platforms have significant issues when it comes to tracking and organizing, especially for sales teams.

You can't view contacts or accounts, CRM integrations are tougher, and you have to do manual work to start sending.

So doing it all in apollo is possible, and having everything from finding a contact to response in one place is very convenient.

So how do you do it?

#1 Upgrade

To really do this, you need the Custom plan in Yes, it's pricey. But that lets you automate finding contacts in new rules, increases your inboxes per seat to 5, and easily rotate inboxes. So unfortunately that's the first step.

You MIGHT be able to request additional inboxes on a lower tier if you ask the sales team, but without rules you still won't experience the full power

#2 Inbox prep

Talk with Jesse Ouellette for the most up to date info here.

TLDR, as of today

> 50 emails per domain per inbox

> Setup SPF, DKIM, DMARC, Email picture, Email warming

#3 Build a search of one segment

Start with building a search of one segment of your market. The goal is that everyone in this search could see the same email at it would be relevant.

If you're stuck, the easiest place to start is finding a great customer in a segment you want to target, and building the parameters you see in Apollo (industry, company size, keywords, department headcount, technology, title keywords, department and seniority are my favorites) into the search.

#4 Build one sequence relevant to that segment

I recommend the JMM sequence from Justin Michael or my 411 sequence... they're extremely similar just a length question.

If you want a bit more control over this, simply add a manual email task as the first step.

You can also layer on calls, and Linkedin tasks (Apollo just added a very safe form of Linkedin automation)

#5 Use a play to push contacts from your segment into the sequence

While it's a bit painful to do right now, you can copy paste part of the search URL from your search into a play to replicate the search.

Do a batch play focused on contacts, then make the action "add to sequence." Make sure to rotate your email inboxes.

#6 Check replies FREQUENTLY

You will start getting replies if your copy is good, and you need to stay on top of them.

Keep your Apollo replies open constantly, the faster you reply, the better you will convert.

#7 Follow up on contacts with 2+ opens, accepted connections, profile views, etc

These are all great triggers which significantly improve your outbound conversion rates

That's wraps it up, we consistently run 1000+ emails a day in Apollo and we're happy with it."

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