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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Steff Curcio on his Cold Email Framework

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

If you're feeling tired and sick of searching for a "right formula" in writing your cold emails, in Stef Curcio's post you'll find a great Cold Email Framework:

"Worried your cold emails are not on point?

Use this framework:

1) Use less than 120 words

Ideally 80/100

2) Avoid links

You can test 1 in the signature with no CTA

3) Remove the words "I" and "we"

Use "you"

4) Use a signature.

Stef Curcio

Agency owner@company

5) Have a clear and simple CTA."

Here's how it looks the template: "Hi Stef,

working with [company 1] and [company2] we noticed that by optimizing their lead generation process, they could increase their revenue by 20% within 90 days.

Would it make sense to you to have a chat to see if you can also apply this to maximize your revenue next year?


Agency owner@X"

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