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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Steve Schmidt on his Testing Cold Email Campaigns

Updated: May 2, 2023

"That moment when you are debating to scale or not to scale...

and you send your first cold email campaign.

You know, practicing what you preach and teach.

What you do for a living, for others, is being tested out for yourself.

One thing that I wanted to be VERY clear on when I started MAGNETIC was to share what works and what doesn't work.

I test so many things that fail when 1st implementing outreach with my own business and with clients.

Day 1 - I wasn't happy with the open rate at 23%, but it will improve as the emails sit to likely 30%.


I go to bed - send time was an evening for a lot of these, (prime time for C-levels), wake up, 4 appts booked.


1 - email absolutely works - you have time fine-tune and

My 1st email was literally just this (see below)


SUBJ LINE - question on thought leadership (even misspelled intentionally as though on 50% of them to be human - thus far, 25% of meetings booked were from misspelled subj line - a Justin Michael classic that I am stubborn on using.


Impressed with your work from what I've been following

I work with 4-5 CEOs and Founders each year to develop pathways and strategies to become a thought leader in the space, answering questions that your prospects have and becoming subject authorities in fairly short order.

Inevitably, if the Execs that I work with are committed, it is the absolute best way to create awareness and capture revenue.

Something you've considered before, {{first_name}}?


2 - open rates are the talk of the town. The only thing I give a shit about when crafting messaging for my clients and myself is positive replies. The rest is just noise and experimentation.

3 - segments matter - My call point is the CEO. $1-$20 million. I'm sure this would be different if you were selling into Enterprise, NO DOUBT. Manufacturing, etc. The segment matters, so I want to make it clear that this data isn't saying, "my methods works 100% of the time in all industries from day one." The truth is sometimes there is nothing I can do to help - which 99% of the time is a product market fit problem and my wands and Sourcery balls are rendered futile until that's solved.

You get closer to the target with time, no doubt, and I am coming into a time in my life where I truly feel that I can assess a current situation and develop a plan for success at an Elite level, as I feel the title of Mater Level anything is more about the journey than the destination."

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