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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Will Cannon on his Subject Line Formulas

Updated: May 22, 2023

"Sending cold emails is the best way to hit $10k-$100k+/mo.

But the first thing you need to do is get them opened.

Here are 3 subject line formulas that get insane open rates…


Subject Line #1:

{Interest-creator}, {first name}


“Quick question, Jessica”

“Want your thoughts on this, Tom”

“Is this on your radar, Jeff?”

Why It Works:

This is a classic, especially the “quick question” one.

Almost everyone who does cold outreach uses it.

But that doesn’t make it overdone.

It works, and it always has.

You can do it without the name if needed, but adding their name makes it even better.

Subject Line #2:

I {created something for you}, {first name}


“I audited your site’s SEO, Jessica”

“I wrote an ad for you, Tom”

“I made you a short video, Jeff”

Why It Works:

Creating something signals that you’re going to deliver value.

A free SEO audit might help your prospect.

So would a free ad or a short video.

Value creates curiosity, and curiosity leads to getting opens.

Subject Line #3:

{Company/person} {got desired result}


“UpLead got 44% more traffic last month”

“Signaturely grew their subs by 11%”

“Hannah gained 14,312 followers last week”

Why It Works:

Proof is the world’s best persuader.

When you show a case study, you prove your competence.

This is especially powerful when the company is well-known, but that’s not required.

It’ll still generate interest even if the brand is lesser-known.

General Subject Line Principles:

1. Your subject line sells opening the email, not the offer. Write it accordingly.

2. Keep it short. If it’s too long, it’ll lose people’s attention and get cut off.

3. Try to start a conversation. Focus on curiosity, not persuasion.

4. Don’t use spammy words or a spammy tone. Understated performs best.


That's everything.

Two quick plugs:

1. If you want to learn more about lead generation, cold email, and B2B sales, give me a follow.

2. If you want to generate leads or get eSignatures for your business, try my SaaS tools (links in bio).

Thanks for reading 🤝"

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