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Why we started building SalesForza

We are a remote team of developers, product and growth people working together with another group of professionals that takes care of sales, marketing and operations for various software and SaaS.

The sales and marketing team was often tasked with creating lists, such as:

  • YouTubers into SaaS

  • Investors in SaaS

  • Journalists in SaaS

When we were trying to figure out the speed that it took to create these lists, one of our team members tasked with creating a list of YouTubers in the SaaS space mentioned how he was slowed down by

  • having to move back and forth between the browser tab on YouTube and copy/pasting on Google Sheets

  • Having to search on the Google Sheet for the YouTuber to avoid adding it twice

So we decided to build a Chrome extension (since our developer is very strong with extensions) that would be able to

  • Add any website to a Google Sheet with 1-click

  • Tell in the extension if that website was already added

As we continued developing the extension we figured that we could add a lot of other features:

  • Create new Google Sheets for different lists (ex. Potential Customers, Journalists, YouTubers, Investors, etc)

  • Show CRM UI inside of Gmail

  • Mail merge to send personalized emails from Gmail

  • Save Snippets

  • etc...

So that we can turn Salesforza from a simple CRM builder to a powerful sales and marketing tool.

Join us on this journey!

Let's build, grow and sell together!

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