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0 - How can I upgrade?

Install one of our extensions and then inside settings enter the premium code or upgrade

1 - Does it ensure mail deliverability and reputation?

Your emails are sent via your Gmail account hence you will have possibly the best email deliverability in the industry. Still email deliverability and reputation will depend on how many emails you send per day, ensuring you are emailing people or business who gave you their consent, the content of your email and subject.

We are providing many resources on our blog so that you can improve your email sending, deliverability and reputation.

2 - Would I know whether the recipient has opened the mail?

We currently do not offer any tracking out of the box, you can use one of the many URL shorteners so that you can track if anyone clicked on a link you added on an email.

3 - Can I build email sequences?

Email sequences are on our public roadmap and soon coming to Salesforza Gmail Mail Merge and CRM on Google Sheets Extension

4 - Does your software only work with Google Chrome Browser?

Right now our extensions are only available on Google Chrome Browser. We rather add more features to the Chrome extensions than spread our resources too thin to support more browsers for now.

5 - Does it work with any website?

Our Gmail Mail Merge & CRM on GSheets works only on Google Chrome Browser and Gmail accounts.

Our Chrome Tabs CRM sync extension currently works only on Google Chrome Browser and best with websites that have unique URLs (weblinks), for instance articles or social media profiles can be added to a Google Sheet as unique rows.

6 - How Can I Request a Demo?

Install and use our software for free, we built it to be simple enough that anyone can use it on their own. If you work in a larger organization and are interested in deploying Salesforza at your company please write us on our live chat bottom right.

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