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Gmail Mail Merge and CRM with Google Sheets


#MailMerge #crm #Growth


Free to install

Upgrade to send more emails or add more 


auth/gmail.compose (to be able to send emails)

auth/drive.file (to be able to create and sync with a Google Sheet)

Link to Install

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Chrome Extension CRM for Gmail leveraging Google Sheets with ability to create mail merges

📈 Increase sales and improve customer relationships 🤝by tracking your most important emails with SalesForza.

📧 Send mail merges via Gmail to potential customers, contacts or anyone really

🤨 What's Mail Merge? It's the ability to send an email to more people while personalizing each email (ex. Hi {{name}}, thus "Hi Mark" and "Hi John"


🏎💨 Fastest CRM: 1-click sync emails to Google Sheets Work directly inside of Gmail


🔄 Always in Sync: Google Sheets & Extension No time wasted importing/exporting CSV files like on Streak CRM (


💰Enrich your CRM: Add priority, stage, notes plus more fields (ex. Location, First name...)

📈 Increase sales: Create new Pipelines synched to new Google Sheets


🤖 Automatically capture sender's email, subject line in 1 click

⏱Save time: No tab switching, add CRMS details in Gmail.

🔐Data is stored in the same cloud as Google Sheets

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