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A New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Charlotte Lloyd on her How to Follow Up Properly Your Prospects

Charlotte, Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn, is sharing with us some great content on her How to Follow Up Properly Your Prospects!

"99% of salespeople lose deals for this one reason..

They don't follow up.

The only problem is, nobody tells you how to do it

Here's how to get it right:


Consider this: 80% of prospects need 6-8 follow-ups before making a decision.

Yet, a staggering 92% of sales reps abandon their efforts after just the 4th attempt.

This is despite the fact that 80% of prospects SAY NO 4 times before finally saying yes.

When a prospect doesn't respond, what's your move?

Many think, "If they don't reply, they're not interested."

But hold on, it might just be too early to give up.

The top 3 reasons why many salespeople falter in their follow-up:

1.Fear of Rejection - No one likes to be turned down, but in sales, it's part of the journey.

→ Look for the no.

2.Lack of Imagination - There's more than one way to reach out.

→ Keep your approach fresh and personalized.

3.Fear of Overstepping - There's a fine line between persistence and annoyance.

→ Find the balance.

→ If you've tried cold calling or emailing, how about sending a LinkedIn voice note or even a video message?

→ When you showcase effort and research you've put into understanding the prospect, it makes a difference.

Just because they haven’t responded, doesn't equate it 's a firm "NO."

I'm curious - what's the BEST follow-up message you've ever sent?

Drop in the comments!

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