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More Great Content from Artem Pogosov, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

After his previous post on "Tips in Outbound CTAs", Artem is sharing with us more great content on his What People Think Social Selling Means!

"what people think social selling means:

- posts getting hundreds of likes

- growing network through automation

- booking networking calls where they can sell

what social selling really means:

- building relationships

- sharing helpful and informative content

- educating customers on how to solve their problem

- building credibility with your expertise

- intentional networking

- engaging with target audience

if you want to attract clients on LinkedIn:

1. identify your ideal customers

2. research their needs and problems

3. identify your most valuable knowledge

4. align that knowledge to your audience

5. create and share content

6. grow your network through DMs

7. engage in comments with your audience

8. do all of the above for a significant time-span

do this consistently and you’ll build an engaged audience.

and attract clients.

surprisingly simple, right?

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