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Another Great Content from Artem Pogosov, Our Leader to Follow on LinkedIn

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

After his previous post about "What's Wrong with Cold Inbound", Artem Pogosov gave us another great content on his Tips in Outbound CTAs: "most outbound CTAs are way off.

”how about a quick call on Tuesday to discuss?”

questions like this make most buyers churn. even if the rest of your message was compelling enough.

asking people to put a call with you in line with their ongoing priorities is a conversation breaker.

this might work with 3% of “buying now” customers, which most sales teams are hung up on.

okay, but - what's with the rest?

most likely they close your message and never get back to it. doesn’t matter how many follow-ups you send. max you’ll get is “remove me from your list”.

let’s make one thing clear – those call-booking days are over.

just stop. don’t do it.

the antidote: ask simple questions.

you’d be surprised how asking “sounds interesting?” helps you book A LOT more meetings.

i like 💜 Will Allred’s perspective: instead of focusing on calling to action (CTA), call to engagement (CTE).

cold outreach is your tool to start conversations. ask yourself: do you really need to drive action from step one?

3 simple tips on finishing your message (again, thanks Will):

1. avoid open-ended questions. yes or no is usually easier to answer.

2. try a CTE instead of a CTA. instead of “let’s set up a call so I’d share more insight” try something like “curious - does your team has success with X?”

3. use conditional statements. not every CTE or CTA has to be a question, like “if X something you're interested in, let’s connect.”

selling gets easier as you shift to becoming more relatable to buyers.

yes, you still set up meetings.

but how they are set changes the whole game."

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