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Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Abhishek Basu on his Checklist to Write Emails Getting >5% Reply Rate

Abhishek, Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn, is sharing with us some great content on his Checklist to Write Emails Getting > 5% Reply Rate!

"Checklist to write emails getting > 5% reply rate.

✅ Subject: Less than 3 words

✅ Word count: 120 words. Share only the relevant information.

✅ Trigger: Don’t send generic emails. Do your homework.

Ex: New product launch, global expansion, hiring, etc.

✅ Pain: If you don’t know their exact pain problem. Assume a problem that’s very common in your prospects’ industry.

✅ Consequences: Create an urgency.

Ex: You might lose 50% of your clients if you don’t find a way to get new leads.

✅ Solution: Show what you offer with social proof.

Ex: We have helped XYZ company get 3x leads within 1 month, and we still have 5 more months left to work.

✅ CTA: Soft CTA for the win any day!

Ex: Mind if I share a case study with you?

That’s pretty much it! You don’t have to write long promotional emails that prospects ignore.

Repost if you found this useful."

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