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Our New Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Armand Farrokh on his 3 Steps to Handle "Call me in 6 Months"

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

If you're looking for some wisdom on how to handle "Call me in 6 months" or so, reading Armand's post will definitely help you :) "“Call me in 6 months”

Three steps to handle this one.

1️⃣ Ask what’s happening in 6 months.

2️⃣ Prove you can teach them something now.

3️⃣ Push away if you get a no.

Here’s what it’d sound like.

☎️ Sounds great. Call me in 6 months? I’m swamped.

🎙️ No prob. So I know what to follow up on, what’s happening then?

☎️ We won’t need this until our next audit at the end of the year.

🎙️ Sweet. Hey, no pressure on this one. One quick thought... Most folks hate trying to buy Acme mid-audit.

Opposed to taking a peek next week so you know what’s out there when Q4 comes around?

(If yes… book meeting. But let’s pretend it’s a no…)

☎️ No, no I really can’t.

🎙️ All good, totally get it. Mind if I ask you an honest question?

☎️ Sure?

🎙️ Usually when folks ask me to call em in 6 months, they’re really just too nice to just tell me to go away. I promise, it’s fine if you’re not interested. Is that what’s happening here?

(Tone is key here. Think “guilty dog with ears down”)


Our first ever playbook was called "Nick and Armand teach you how to cold call"

To this date, it's our most downloaded playbook ever.

Today's playbook drop?

Cold Calling Part 2.


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