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Our new Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Jesse Ouellette on his Email Delivery is Getting a lot Harder

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

"E-mail Delivery is getting a lot harder.

Your company might think, we're worth $1bn (not a problem)...

Think again...

With more SaaS and Shadow IT, there are more SPF Records.

Once you go over 10 DNS Lookups on your DNS SPF record, you need to flatten or remove records. This process is called SPF Flattening (aka splitting)

We found 66 companies with a value over +$1bn, who had the same issue we ran into as we scaled.

(If you have $900m you can buy us)

Usually it comes from:

-More CRM, MAS Tools

-More Transactional E-mail Systems

-More Applicant Tracking, HRMS Systems

Let’s see if we can improve deliverability for all of them!

If anyone knows people from these companies, feel free to share or tag it with them.

I'd love to see 30-40% of them fix this issue and get back to the Primary Inbox."

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