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Our new Leader to Follow on LinkedIn - Keith Weightman on his Dumbest Phrases in Sales

"In this week's issue, I’m going to go over some of the dumbest phrases in sales and why you should avoid 🙅 them at all costs.

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If you’re looking to close more deals and sound less of a “newb” as the kids say...then read on.

Unfortunately, many of these phrases are still being taught or are so common that new salespeople don’t realize they’re trash. 🗑

So let’s review some of the worst and WHAT TO SAY instead.

What keeps you up at night?

Look…you’re not Dr. Phil and most buyers cringe 😖 when they hear this question, so let’s just forget this one, ok?

Try this instead:

👉 You said that [insert a goal they mentioned] what’s standing in the way right now?

If you had a magic wand OR crystal ball

Guess what? They don’t and magic isn’t real soooo…

Again this question screams “I’m brand new and I just got out of sales boot camp!”

Try this instead:

👉 What’s the ideal end state?

Sniff test demo

The word “sniff” alone is like nails on a chalkboard.

For those thinking I have no idea what “Sniff test demo” even means??

It’s where a buyer wants to see some product first before investing more time with you.

Try this instead:

👉 “Proof of concept” OR “High-level overview”

I need to talk with my manager

I get only have the authority to make certain calls.

But this phrase immediately lowers your authority level with your buyer.

Try this instead:

👉 “Let me think through this and get back to you” OR “Give me a day or two to review this and I’ll get to you with my thoughts”

(Then go talk with your manager)

Just checking-in

Everyone’s favorite phrase to hate. (That we’ve all done and still do more than we’ll admit)

Yes, we need to follow up and be persistent…

But instead of sounding like a desperate salesperson…

Try this instead:

👉 Hey [propsect name] just getting time to get back to you on this. [ask a question]

Acronym talk - ex. NLP, ML, M2M, RPA

I hate to break it to you, but when you come at a buyer with your fancy techno-babble, acronym talk - they tune out.

They just nod their heads while thinking “I have no idea what this person is saying”

Instead, do this:

👉 Use analogies and stories to make the unfamiliar, familiar.

Here’s a great [VIDEO] example of this in action from Belal Batrawy's.

How’s the weather there?

We’ve all been there...

You join a group zoom and it’s just you and one other waiting for everyone...

“Oh hey XXX, you’re in Chicago, right? How’s the weather there today…..windy??”

Do you really care?

Try this instead:

👉 Hey [prospect name] thanks for joining today. Quick question before everyone jumps on, what’s 1 thing you’re looking to get out of today’s meeting?

We’re the Leading Provider of X

You are???? Wow! - the last 3 vendors said the same exact thing. Weird!?

Every rep says their company is the leading provider in X or market leader in Y, and buyers hear it so often that it becomes meaningless.

Social proof is more powerful than marketing fluff.

Try this instead:

👉 “We work with x% of the fastest growing in the [industry] space” OR “I'm working with [x] others that are similar to [co. name] and here are the 3 main problems we solved for them..."

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!"

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